Healthy and human-centred profitability

Platzer's sustainability journey is through healthy profitability, growth, and not least employees who thrive.

Platzer is a leading commercial property company based in Gothenburg. The company wants to contribute positively to society with as little environmental footprint as possible. It does this by developing sustainable areas in Gothenburg that are focused on people.

In the annual report for 2021, Solberg helped Platzer to improve the publication. Selected sustainability facts were integrated into the business description at the front, while in-depth sustainability information and accounting principles appeared in sustainability notes at the back.

The work with sustainability reporting began with a gap analysis against GRI Standards 2016 to identify areas for development. In the process, the selection of key figures was also supplemented with information from the industry-specific accounting framework from EPRA (European Real Estate Association). Solberg wrote large parts of the report and designed and produced it in a new landscape and more screen-adapted format. 

A rich but easy-to-read report where sustainability takes up a large place as a natural part of the business. The design adds flair to the company, its employees and customers.

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Cecilia Gravenfors

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