Volvo Group

Tells the story of the fossil-free transition …

… in an annual and sustainability report that clarifies the Volvo Group's work towards driving social, environmental and economic prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions.

The Volvo Group's Annual and Sustainability Report for 2021 highlights the company's transformative work towards greater electrification through several examples from the past year. It is about an increased supply of electric vehicles and machines, fuel-saving engines, and initiatives and coalitions to promote technological progress in the automotive industry.

The many examples from the financial year demonstrate the Volvo Group's ambition and vision to become 100% safer, 100% more productive and 100% fossil-free.

Solberg has been a partner in the production of the Volvo Group's annual report since 1968, and supports the entire process from communication strategy, concept and design to production and distribution.

The Annual and Sustainability Report for 2021 can be read here.

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Anders Gustavsson

Senior Consultant and IR Advisor