More quality of life for everyone through affordable, good and sustainable food

Axfood’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1997, and the company’s vision is to be a leader in affordable, good and sustainable food. 

2022 was characterised by great global uncertainty, including rising energy prices, higher interest rates and increased inflation. 

In its annual and sustainability report, Axfood has therefore wanted to highlight that despite prevailing uncertainties, it is a stable company that delivers and grows. 

The focus during the year has been on integrating completed acquisitions and partnerships, continuing group development projects in for example logistics, accelerating investments in energy efficiency and expanding the range of sustainable and healthy products. 

This can be seen through, for example, the construction of new warehouses and solar cell facilities as well as continued steps towards fossil-free transport. Developments are made visible in a structured and transparent publication with clear messages, where sustainability and the group's concept – Food, The environment and People – permeate the report. 

2022 was the second year that Axfood and Solberg collaborated on the company's annual and sustainability report. This included project management, consultancy, design and production. 

Read more about our offer in the production of annual reports and sustainability reports. 

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Anders Gustavsson, Senior Consultant and IR Advisor på Solberg

Anders Gustavsson

Senior Consultant and IR Advisor