Progressive design and performance for an electric age

An annual report and sustainability report focusing on the company's strengths ahead of the upcoming listing.

Polestar annual review 2021 on mobile and tablet

In September 2021, it was announced that Polestar will be listed in the US via a so-called SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). The digital annual report for 2021 was therefore based on the need to communicate and make the company's vision available to a new target group: investors.

The report summarises the most important events during the year, describes the three pillars that underpin the brand and presents the company's ambitious growth plan and capital-efficient business model. All on a website that has the same pure minimalist design as the company's cars. 

Separately, an ambitious sustainability report was produced in PDF format that gives substance and weight to the company's prioritisation of sustainability issues. 

A concise, accessible and stylish description of Polestar for a new target group on the web, and a well-researched sustainability report in PDF format.

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Jeanette Gustafsson, Senior Consultant and PR Advisor at Solberg

Jeanette Gustafsson

Senior Consultant and PR Advisor