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Corporate Branding

What exactly is the challenge and where is the potential of the brand? Together we identify what we can do to strengthen the brand – step by step.

A strong brand is loaded with trust, further creating competitive advantages. We help you develop your brand, from analysis to activation.

The foundation for your brand is laid through all the activities and communication efforts that you carry out – but the brand is shaped by your stakeholders and is based on how they perceive you. Corporate Branding is therefore about strategically nurturing the image of the company.

Often the work of developing the brand begins with an analysis of who you are. Through a gap analysis, we study who you want to be (profile), who you are (identity) and who you are perceived to be (image). The profile is defined in your formal documents, while the identity is shaped by how your employees act and communicate. To map your image, we ask your customers and other stakeholders how they perceive you. Such a survey that shows what customers really think of you is often an eye-opener that gives the branding and your offer a push in the right direction.

The gap analysis provides answers to the question of where you are, and is supplemented with an analysis of your competitors, which together can give you a direction towards a defined desired position. The tools for achieving the desired position are gathered in the brand strategy and developed in supplementary documents such as graphic profile and visual identity, as well as in the design of, for example, communication concepts and your work with employer branding.

Our Corporate Branding services

  • Brand strategy
  • Communication concept
  • Visual identity
  • Employer branding