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Annual and sustainability report with ‘scrollytelling’ online

In 2022, ICA Gruppen chose to remove the business description from the annual report and instead present this in a separate online version. The annual review online is therefore not a short version of the annual report, but stands entirely on its own. 

The starting point has been that the reader should be able to absorb the story quickly by scrolling, and where the combination of engaging headlines, short texts, images and animated material contribute to making the content interesting and easily read. 

The reader gets a quick overview of the key issues and trends that affected ICA Gruppen and the industry during the year. Areas that have been the focus of the group are presented educationally and concisely, and the possibility of in-depth reading is just a click away. 

In the formal annual report, which also contains a comprehensive and clearly organised sustainability report, the focus is on reporting. With good structure, pedagogical approaches and well-balanced content, the annual report is accessible and easy to read and understand. 

ICA Gruppen started 2023 with a change of CEO. In ICA Gruppen's annual report, the outgoing and incoming CEO interact nicely. In the online version, the new CEO presents her thoughts on the group's strategy and focus areas going forward.

Long-term cooperation 

Solberg has worked with ICA Gruppen on its reporting since 2012, and has an overall commitment that includes advice, concept, copy, project management, design and production of both pdf and online versions. 


The 2022 annual report meets the target groups in a new way, and creates value and good usability for both external and internal stakeholders.

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Lena Sundbom

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