VBG Group

Structured and educational reporting

for increased clarity and better understanding 

VBG Group is an international industrial group with around 1,800 employees in 17 countries. The company is a long-term, full owner of three divisions active in climate systems, trailer couplings, automatic snow chains, sliding roofs, and solutions for mechanical power transmission and energy and shock absorption. 

‘Safety’ is and has always been vital during the group's more than 70-year history. In communication, this key subject brings together the company's diversified business portfolio and which, together with its strategic framework and increased focus on sustainability, is the message VBG Group wants to convey. 

Solberg has worked with VBG Group since 2005, and over the years the work has consisted of consulting and projects in branding, PR, sustainability, IR and financial reporting. In the case of financial reporting, Solberg has developed the design for the interim reports and is responsible for advice, text work, design and production of the annual report. 

The 2021 annual report continued to develop the strategy section and communicating the new strategic framework. In terms of content, much emphasis was also placed on the company's increased focus on sustainability and describing the company's risks and risk management. The design and layout of the interim report follow the annual report, and in the collaboration with Solberg centres on a smooth and well-functioning process. 


VBG Group's reporting is a very good example of how a company can educationally explain its business, strategy and development. In 2021, with its annual report for 2020, the company was nominated for best annual report in the Mid Cap segment in the competition Sweden's best annual report. 

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Anders Gustavsson, Senior Consultant and IR Advisor på Solberg

Anders Gustavsson

Senior Consultant and IR Advisor